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  • 1A dessert consisting of layers of ice cream, fruit, etc., served in a tall glass.

    ‘Thompson stood silently as the two women brought out a carafe of coffee and glasses of ice cream parfait for dessert.’
    • ‘The one to blow you away consists of delicate, yielding meringue discs, layered with lemon and lime parfait and drizzled with a lime syrup.’
    • ‘This summer parfait, with frozen blueberry and apricot compote, based with a mascarpone ice cream and set upon a meringue… was amazing.’
    • ‘Set a chocolate parfait in the center and arrange some chocolate curls and crepe cones on top.’
    • ‘The parfait had a nice light green color and a fresh strong taste of mint.’
    • ‘I like the cereal parfait, which is a mix of toasted breakfast crunch with raspberry and honey ice-cream.’
    • ‘Mother had the pineapple parfait which delivered a refreshingly sweet and chilled end to her meal.’
    • ‘The Samba-Brazil nut and date cake, Brazilian pecan nut and cocoa parfait make up for the Latin American team's fans.’
    • ‘The parfait was creamy, smooth and utterly delicious.’
    • ‘Fancying a ‘peanut-buster parfait,’ she found a Dairy Queen and got in line. A couple were bickering very loudly in front of her.’
    • ‘A chocolate parfait did eventually arrive, but only after a third request.’
    • ‘The combination of the rich yet subtle flavours of the parfait meshed perfectly with the chutney, while the soft, warm brioche melted in my mouth.’
    1. 1.1A rich cold dessert made with whipped cream, eggs, and often fruit.
      ‘In complete contrast to our disagreeable dining companion, the duck liver parfait he ordered was rich and smooth.’
      • ‘Why not replace formulaic desserts like cheesecake with additional fresh choices like their praline parfait?’
      • ‘The gourmet menu will include duckling terrine with apple celery salad, horseradish cream soup with pan fired salmon, grilled tenderloin of beef and a dessert of cinnamon parfait with poached sour cherries.’
      • ‘Remove parfait from the refrigerator and garnish with whipped cream, a fresh raspberry and the ground, toasted almonds.’
      • ‘Desserts included hot apple pie and ice cream, Baileys liqueur gateau and triple liqueur parfait.’
      • ‘I stuck to adventurous mode and ordered white-wine-poached pear with chocolate orange parfait and coffee creme anglaise: an incongruous mix.’
      • ‘Hers was by far the better of the two, the parfait a rich, pungent slab of flavour that left her purring.’
      • ‘There's also a cloying crème brûlée made with semolina, and a refreshingly chalky caramel parfait on a bed of thinly sliced stewed pears.’
      • ‘For the chocolate parfait, arrange six 6-inch ring molds on a parchment-lined sheet tray.’
      • ‘One of our choices was an apple crumble, which brilliantly combined sweet and tart tastes, together with vanilla parfait and toffee sauce.’
      • ‘It's presented on a block of glass strewn with herbs, along with three Armagnac grapes encrusted in cornflakes and a foie gras parfait topped with a capering silver monkey.’
      • ‘The coconut parfait with a tart mango coulis worked well and the chocolate terrine with raspberry coulis was similarly good, with an interesting saltire of green pistachios studding its top.’
      • ‘Unmold a chocolate foam next to the parfait with a caramel tuile in between.’
      • ‘But I never had tapioca-coconut-and-winter-fruit parfait there.’
      • ‘As it is, I devoured a big pudding parfait from the café downstairs this afternoon for lunch.’
      • ‘His dark chocolate and maple parfait was more than acceptable too, though the white chocolate sauce was for those who have an exceptionally sweet tooth.’
      • ‘Of several good puddings, I tried white chocolate parfait with a goat's milk yoghurt, which stamped, as goaty things will, on the gentle chocolate, but was a fascinating flavour.’
      • ‘We went for a cheese plate and a caramelised banana with Baileys parfait.’
      • ‘Berry lemon mousse parfait proves the donkey right.’
      • ‘Because of the rough seas, scallops are not on the menu, but I console myself with fresh Loch Gruinart oysters, followed by the fillet of Islay beef and a parfait for dessert.’



/pärˈfā/ /pɑrˈfeɪ/


From the French adjective parfait, literally ‘perfect’.