Definition of pariah dog in English:

pariah dog


another term for pye-dog
‘But I'd recently been bitten by a pariah dog in Charing Cross, near my boarding school, and had to endure three weeks of agonising anti-rabies injections.’
  • ‘To be in England is to be a castaway or to live a quarantined life like a pariah dog.’
  • ‘Thomas meshes musings on their deeds with recollections of time spent studying wild wolves on Baffin Island and the relationship between Kalahari Bushmen and hyenas, jackals, and their pariah dogs.’
  • ‘She explained that Carolina Dogs are classified in a group known as pariah dogs.’
  • ‘It is closely related to the pariah dogs of India and presumably came from somewhere in that vicinity.’


pariah dog

/pəˈrīə ˌdôɡ/ /pəˈraɪə ˌdɔɡ/