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parietal bone

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  • A bone forming the central side and upper back part of each side of the skull.

    ‘The skull has a roughen surface to the parietal bone and the occipital bone.’
    • ‘The skull is not a single bone, but is made up of several interlocked plates, such as the two parietal bones at the sides and the central frontal bone.’
    • ‘Unanimous skeletal features are few, but include a lack of contact between the squamosal and parietal bones in the skull and the presence of the frontal bone in forming the orbit.’
    • ‘On admission, a CT scan revealed fractures of the right skull base, parietal bone, and zygomatic arch, with a small epidural hematoma.’
    • ‘A bony process may project from the anterior edge of the squama that runs between the sphenoid and parietal bones to the lateral edge of the frontal bone.’


parietal bone

/pəˈrīədl bōn/ /pəˈraɪədl boʊn/