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  • 1(in the Christian Church) a small administrative district typically having its own church and a priest or pastor.

    as modifier ‘a parish church’
    • ‘Many of these lay candidates are already deeply involved in church ministry: in parishes, on diocesan staffs, as chaplains on campuses, in hospitals, and in jails.’
    • ‘We should pray for renewal explicitly, as individuals, small Christian communities, parishes, and dioceses.’
    • ‘In the mainline churches, certain parishes have refused pastoral care to victims and their families.’
    • ‘The duties of the post include regular meetings of the clergy of the 12 parishes in the deanery and advising and helping churchwardens of parishes without a parish priest.’
    • ‘The report accuses the church of allowing white parishes and parishioners to be favoured at the expense of their black brothers and sisters.’
    • ‘In fact, many, many Catholic women who are devout and active in their parishes think church leaders hate women, and they respond in kind.’
    • ‘Conservative Protestant churches and Catholic parishes have done better - 8 and 20 percent respectively.’
    • ‘Six Colorado parishes have left the church to join the Anglican Mission in America, the organization headed by the two bishops ordained in Singapore.’
    • ‘The closing and merging of parishes also offer church leaders the opportunity to rethink how best to minister to Catholics.’
    • ‘The dissident priests and parishes are opposed to the church's blessing of same-sex unions.’
    • ‘Evangelicals claim to contribute more than 40% of the £400 million raised for the church by parishes each year.’
    • ‘The conference sought support for the creation of a new network of parishes within the church.’
    • ‘Still, when properly led by a personally secure, sensitive, and open pastor, parishes generate levels of enthusiasm and commitment seldom matched in human community.’
    • ‘‘It was news to the pastors in the parishes,’ Shea remembers.’
    • ‘The bishops should also seriously consider individual school boards in parishes where pastors do not have the time or the interest to commit to the local school.’
    • ‘Pastors have seen entire parishes change simply by teaching their people to give their lives to Jesus each morning and each night.’
    • ‘For the past twelve years, I served as the pastor of a large parish in the heart of Chicago.’
    • ‘Readings and Prayers of the Faithful were done by parishioners from all churches in the parish.’
    • ‘They worry over the fact that their parish now has one priest though it formerly had three.’
    • ‘Each diocese was then divided into parishes, with each parish containing just one church.’
    parishioners, churchgoers, church, congregation, flock, fold, community
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    1. 1.1US (in Louisiana) a territorial division corresponding to a county in other states.
      ‘Alford provided a listing of floristic surveys for counties in Mississippi and parishes in Louisiana.’
      • ‘There are nearly 4,500 registered sex offenders living in the 14 Louisiana parishes hit by Katrina.’
      • ‘But you have to understand, inside the parishes of Louisiana, most of those city governments were victims.’
      • ‘I know much of the country is focused on New Orleans, Louisiana, but parishes outside of New Orleans have been ruined.’
      • ‘I know that some of the folks in outlying parishes here in Louisiana are wondering whether or not people are paying attention to them.’
      • ‘We've had new evacuations for some of the southern parishes in Louisiana.’
      • ‘Further work is needed to document its presence or absence in most northern Louisiana parishes, although it to be expected infrequently in that region.’
      • ‘As had always been the case, the authority to decide who would or would not receive aid lay with the most powerful people in Louisiana's towns and parishes.’
      • ‘The species is reported in east central Arkansas and in several parishes of northern Louisiana.’
      • ‘The stores were locate throughout 18 of the 36 Delta counties or parishes in the 3-state partnership.’
      • ‘More than 12 million people live in the 125 counties and parishes that border the Mississippi.’
      • ‘Jacques Berry of Thibodaux, Louisiana reports that Pedro is extremely popular in Lafourche and Terrebonne parishes in southern Louisiana, almost to the exclusion of other card games.’
      • ‘And by the way, our viewers should know that parishes are the equivalent of counties in the other 49 states.’
      • ‘These parishes have the highest numbers of broilers in Louisiana.’



/ˈperiSH/ /ˈpɛrɪʃ/


Middle English from Anglo-Norman French and Old French paroche, from late Latin parochia, from Greek paroikia ‘sojourning’, based on para- ‘beside, subsidiary’ + oikos ‘dwelling’.