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often as modifier
  • A system for reducing urban traffic congestion, in which drivers leave their cars in parking lots on the outskirts of a city and travel to the city center on public transportation.

    ‘a new park-and-ride system in the town to cut traffic jams’
    • ‘It was hoped that a park-and-ride system could reduce the number of commuters driving into Ilkley and parking all day.’
    • ‘People were encouraged to use public transport and the park-and-ride facility at Black Ash to access the city.’
    • ‘A park-and-ride system will operate from the Queen's Parade site, which is around three-quarters of a mile from the main gate.’
    • ‘Mean Fiddler said it is considering a park-and-ride system, and also states it will encourage day-ticket holders to use public transport.’
    • ‘The NAO said not enough use was being made of complementary park-and-ride schemes and systems took too long to put in place.’
    • ‘Matters highlighted include residents and disabled parking in the town centre, security in car parks and park-and-ride schemes.’
    • ‘The council is to also establish two park-and-ride car parks near the north and south of the centre.’
    • ‘The bosses of Manchester's biggest bus operators have thrown their weight behind a drive for a park-and-ride service in the city.’
    • ‘Wilton town councillors say starting work on the area's new park-and-ride scheme could signal traffic chaos.’
    • ‘Gold routes will have park-and-ride sites for motorists that will link into public transport services.’
    • ‘There will be special buses running between park-and-ride car parks and the event.’
    • ‘But in Salisbury there is disappointment, because there is no certainty any of the cash will go to the city's new park-and-ride sites at Wilton and Downton Road.’
    • ‘York Council's executive is expected to approve the findings of the consultation and order a feasibility study to pave the way for the city's sixth park-and-ride facility.’
    • ‘This would allow a cheap park-and-ride scheme into the city so commuters into Bradford could catch frequent buses and know their vehicle would be kept safe for their return.’
    • ‘Roman remains north of York may force a rethink of plans for the city's fifth park-and-ride site and a new multi-million pound business park.’
    • ‘A park-and-ride service eased congestion in the town.’
    • ‘Work is due to start next month at Monks Cross on a new park-and-ride site, the city's fifth, for 1,150 cars.’
    • ‘It would also help, obviously, if motorists used the park-and-ride schemes rather than trying to park as close as they can to the city centre.’
    • ‘MPs, traders and city centre chiefs have called for a park-and-ride bus service in Manchester.’
    • ‘They are entitled to do this, of course, but would it not relieve congestion if these cars were able to park in their own park-and-ride facility with a shuttle bus to bring them into town?’



/ˈpärk ən ˌrīd/ /ˈpɑrk ən ˌraɪd/