Definition of parkie in English:


(also parky)


  • A park-keeper.

    • ‘‘I got speaking to some of the parkies,’ Riley adds, ratcheting the anticipation to unbearable levels.’
    • ‘‘Everyone has some jolly tale to tell about being chased by the parkies,’ she said.’
    • ‘But even if he is a bit of an old parkie, grudgingly showing the public round his precious grounds, Shattuck still knows more about the park than most, and his ‘binocular vision’ is as sharp as ever.’
    • ‘I'm sick of being a parkie and my mates have got wise and don't let me into their front rooms any more.’
    • ‘The parkies had painted a huge Aboriginal flag on the side of the toilet block and word got around the pub that they had put a Mabo style land claim on the site, citing over forty years continuous occupation of the site.’
    • ‘Then the parkie saw me and started shouting at me.’
    • ‘If we survived without getting the frottage obsessed parkie out of his garden, all the better.’
    • ‘It has also attracted the interest of vandals - earlier this week they blocked one of the bench's modem sockets when the parky's back was turned.’
    • ‘But you do have to question how you would be charged for Internet access - will the parky walk around with a bag of change?’