Definition of parking lot in English:

parking lot


North American
  • An area where cars or other vehicles may be left temporarily; a car park.

    • ‘If you go to the typical suburban garden apartment parking lot during the daytime, the lots will be substantially vacant.’
    • ‘Park cars in the correct spaces to keep your job at the parking lot.’
    • ‘You are in the parking lot on the north side of the shopping mall.’
    • ‘Mr. Gerald sat in his car in an empty parking lot across the street from the motel.’
    • ‘I pulled out of the deserted motel parking lot, and the second day of our adventure began.’
    • ‘Reducing the need for driving would also reduce the need for parking lots.’
    • ‘As I pulled into the mall parking lot, I noticed a couple of stores looked empty.’
    • ‘Sidewalk retail in Portland and other traditional cities accommodates pedestrians without massive parking lots out front.’
    • ‘They arranged for the demolition contractor to reuse the old asphalt and limestone base from the former parking lot.’
    • ‘I parked my Corolla in the student parking lot and then walked into the building.’
    • ‘Today while I was at the post office, I happened to notice this car, this Mercury Topaz, in the parking lot.’
    • ‘Originally planned to be set in a park-like environment, the building now sits in a parking lot.’
    • ‘A long, high desert masonry wall was added in the 1950s to the area west of the shop to screen the parking lot.’
    • ‘The fire broke out at the parking lot of the Changsha Railway Station.’
    • ‘It's easy to misplace your car in the parking lot.’
    • ‘The airport says its parking lots are running near capacity, meaning travelers could have a difficult time finding a spot if they choose to drive.’
    • ‘I sat in my office looking over some statistics, figures, and forms, staring out the window at the snow-covered parking lot, feeling a little bored.’
    • ‘They suggest people should not leave valuable articles in their cars and should choose well-observed parking lots.’
    • ‘Pay and display meters are available beside the parking lots.’
    • ‘It is now a defunct higher-end grocery store which was boycotted because the company cleared a popular stand of firs at the corner to build the parking lot.’


parking lot