Definition of parkinsonism in English:



another term for Parkinson's disease
‘Weight loss despite adequate calories suggests an overactive thyroid (a blood test is necessary), Parkinsonism, diabetes, or a hyperactive Alzheimer pacer.’
  • ‘Symptoms similar to Parkinson's disease - known as Parkinsonism - can be a side-effect of some medications, such as anti-sickness drugs and drugs used in the treatment of mental illness.’
  • ‘With encephalitis or Parkinsonism, about a third was dependent at home and one died.’
  • ‘A group of chemicals in apples could protect the brain from the type of damage that triggers such neurodegenerative diseases as Alzheimer's and Parkinsonism, according to two new studies from Cornell University food scientists.’
  • ‘In Parkinsonism it's my understanding that in most cases you may already have lost 85% of your cells before any symptoms become obvious, so you're working with a very compromised system already.’
  • ‘In Jonathan Franzen's novel The Corrections, Alfred Lambert, a retired railway engineer, sits in the cellar of his house, struggling with his advancing Parkinsonism and a string of Christmas lights.’
  • ‘She adds, ‘For neurologists Parkinsonism is all in the brain; for people with Parkinsonism it is mostly below the neck.’’
  • ‘This is the situation in pathological tremors such as that seen in Parkinsonism.’
  • ‘RLS is essentially a stepchild of other neurologic disorders such as Parkinsonism and anxiety, conditions to which it is unrelated but whose pharmacologic treatments it has inherited.’
  • ‘Damage to these cells through Ecstasy use - and natural decline through ageing - could result in Parkinsonism, a neurodegenerative disease causing trembling hands and slower movements.’
  • ‘Psychiatrists and those who believe their mendacities claim that mental illnesses are brain diseases, on a par with neurological diseases, such as Parkinsonism and stroke.’
  • ‘This can be minimized by giving the drug at bedtime. Parkinsonism, restlessness, dizziness, and sedation are other common side effects.’
  • ‘Women with a stroke, Parkinsonism, or an unsteady gait are at increased risk.’
  • ‘Side effects included dystonic reactions, acute dyskinesia, Parkinsonism, akathisia, and autonomic and cardiovascular symptoms.’
  • ‘As in many of her stories, there is a sickly mother in ‘Meneseteung,’ and we know that Munro as a high-school girl had to do all the housekeeping at home because her mother had Parkinsonism as a result of encephalitis.’
  • ‘Unlike the traditional diagnosis of syphilis, this theory, as argued in Dr Abraham Lieberman's paper Adolf Hitler had Post-encephalitic Parkinsonism, fits the clinical evidence very well.’
  • ‘Drugs used in the treatment of Parkinsonism like Amantadine may help your symptoms.’
  • ‘This will become increasingly important as better treatments are developed for dementia and Parkinsonism.’
  • ‘And if you have a non-specific drug, it will kind of knock out all the four and since one is good for smooth movements, you'll get Parkinsonism from these drugs.’
  • ‘In the United States, Parkinsonism affects approximately one percent of adults over 50 years of age.’



/ˈpärkəns(ə)nˌiz(ə)m/ /ˈpɑrkəns(ə)nˌɪz(ə)m/