Definition of Parma ham in English:

Parma ham


  • A type of ham that is eaten uncooked.

    ‘I tried Parma ham, figs, prosciutto and pâté in the late Thirties, things the average family wouldn't taste until 30 years later.’
    • ‘To begin we had a mixed Antipasti with slices of a superb Parmesan cheese to go with Parma ham and salami (Italian, need you ask) and mozzarella.’
    • ‘It's ideal for barbecuing as it's robust enough to withstand the heat, especially when protected by slices of Parma ham.’
    • ‘Lunch is a salady thing consisting of a couple of slices of Parma ham, four little mozzarella balls and the inevitable rocket.’
    • ‘He shreds the innocent boy's dreams of scallops topped with noisettes of black pudding and fried Parma ham.’
    • ‘When our turn came we helped ourselves to piles of rocket and Parmesan, salami and Parma ham, slices of buffalo mozzarella interleaved with juicy, ripe tomatoes and a couple of portions of saltimbocca.’
    • ‘While spending on speciality foods - such as chorizo, Parma ham, naan bread and sushi - has grown by £660m in the past four years, there has been no similar explosion in the number of delis.’
    • ‘We stick with the same wines for the next course - a salad of Parma ham and pickled mushrooms - with Carluccio, the great mushroom expert, identifying all the different mushrooms and asking for second and third helpings.’
    • ‘Murmur the words, as I did: ‘I think I might have a little salad and Parma ham,’ and you will be sent, empty-handed, back to your table.’
    • ‘Biltong, pemmican, jerky, bresaola, Parma ham and bacon are dried meats.’
    • ‘Italian chefs now serve that dish with toppings such as tomato, zucchini, bell peppers, spinach, aubergine, mozzarella, Parmesan, Parma ham, pancetta, figs and melon, all mixed with herbs and cooked in different ways.’
    • ‘The man seen sitting on the tube is clearly Italian and he is surrounded by Italian salami and Parma ham, and you can quite clearly see the Italian flag and the name of an Italian firm.’
    • ‘The U.S. does this all the time against the EU - for instance, raising tariffs on Parma ham to get the Italian agricultural lobby to force the French agricultural lobby into backing down.’
    • ‘But the company still says it is ‘barmy’ that it cannot slice and package genuine Parma ham wherever it wants at the most advantageous price for consumers.’
    • ‘Lunch arrives, thank God: those potted shrimps to start for me, and just the two starters for him, some Parma ham and a dish of veal tonnato.’
    • ‘They are delicious with cured meat, like Parma ham, or strong, firm cheeses, like Stilton, feta, or Parmesan.’
    • ‘Arrange one or two slices of Parma ham on each muffin, sit a poached egg on top and finally coat with the warm hollandaise.’
    • ‘Starters ranged from the aforesaid risotto to Parma ham, soup of the day and spicy roast beef dressed with chilli.’
    • ‘The hacks said Mrs Mungo's idea of Parma ham on ciabatta was much preferable to the usual bacon rolls.’
    • ‘And then the food begins to appear: the artichokes, with the glorious addition of plump, pink prawns, flown in from Sicily; pickled mushrooms, and cold melon soup with Parma ham.’


Parma ham

/ˈpärmə ham/ /ˈpɑrmə hæm/