Definition of parrot fever in English:

parrot fever


less formal term for psittacosis
‘Several other pneumonias can mimic it, such as a close cousin TWAR, psittacosis (parrot fever), Q fever, adenovirus 3 and 4, influenza A or B, legionella and respiratory syncytial virus.’
  • ‘Also known as parrot fever, this bacterial illness can occur when people have contact with infected bird feces or with the dust that accumulates in birdcages.’
  • ‘One species, C. psittaci, causes psittacosis (so-called parrot fever), a respiratory infection transmitted from birds to people.’
  • ‘Patients with parrot fever have pneumonia with severe headache and scanty sputum sometimes blood stained.’
  • ‘To prevent parrot fever, regularly rinse and refill your bird's water and food dishes and clean the cage daily.’


parrot fever

/ˈperət ˈfēvər/ /ˈpɛrət ˈfivər/