Definition of part-timer in English:


Pronunciation /ˌpärtˈtīmər/ /ˌpɑrtˈtaɪmər/

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See part-time

‘No, Brown's not a freelancer or a part-timer or a telecommuter.’
  • ‘Job security is a pretty good reason to get riled up if I ever heard one; but there are part-timers in many other provinces and they are extremely beneficial.’
  • ‘While it might be that many part-timers apparently have more energy than full-time teachers, many are shoddily treated and just as exhausted - if not more.’
  • ‘Since its launch in June 2003, the business has steadily grown and today supports one full-time worker and two part-timers in addition to the partners.’
  • ‘Many are only part-timers and have other incomes.’