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  • Reproduction from an ovum without fertilization, especially as a normal process in some invertebrates and lower plants.

    ‘cyclic parthenogenesis is well displayed in aphids’
    • ‘Reproductive modes include sexual reproduction and parthenogenesis, but much remains to be known about development.’
    • ‘In asexual reproduction, eggs develop without fertilization, a process called parthenogenesis.’
    • ‘This process is known as parthenogenesis, where unfertilized eggs develop into embryos without sperm.’
    • ‘Gynogenesis is like parthenogenesis in that diploid zygotes inheriting all chromosomes from their mother can develop without a genetic contribution from males.’
    • ‘Some species consist only of females that produce their daughters from unfertilized eggs, a type of reproduction called parthenogenesis.’



/ˌpärTHənōˈjenəsəs/ /ˌpɑrθənoʊˈdʒɛnəsəs/


Mid 19th century modern Latin, from Greek parthenos ‘virgin’ + genesis ‘creation’.