Definition of parti pris in English:

parti pris

Pronunciation /ˌpärdē ˈprē/ /ˌpɑrdi ˈpri/

nounpartis pris

  • A preconceived view; a bias.

    • ‘the coherence of the theory is the result of an intellectual parti pris’
    prejudice, partiality, partisanship, favouritism, unfairness, one-sidedness


  • Prejudiced; biased.

    • ‘the document is parti pris in its approach to theology’
    biased, bigoted, discriminatory, partisan, partial, one-sided, jaundiced, intolerant, narrow-minded, unfair, unjust, inequitable, non-objective, unobjective, blinkered, parti pris, coloured, distorted, warped, loaded, weighted


French, literally ‘side taken’.