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particle accelerator

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  • An apparatus for accelerating subatomic particles to high velocities by means of electric or electromagnetic fields. The accelerated particles are generally made to collide with other particles, either as a research technique or for the generation of high-energy X-rays and gamma rays.

    ‘In 1983, this theory was confirmed by the direct observation of the heavy gauge bosons in the powerful particle accelerator at CERN in Geneva.’
    • ‘While at Brookhaven, the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, the world's largest particle accelerator for nuclear physics research, became operational.’
    • ‘They also improved the equipment used to detect these elements, and in 1939 scientists first used a cyclotron particle accelerator as a mass spectrometer.’
    • ‘In a cyclotron particle accelerator, researchers fired an isotope of calcium at a target of americium.’
    • ‘Scientists use an instrument known as a particle accelerator to accelerate particles to just below the speed of light and then smash them into other particles.’


particle accelerator

/ˈpärdəkəl əkˈseləˌrādər/ /ˈpɑrdəkəl əkˈsɛləˌreɪdər/ /akˈseləˌrādər/ /ækˈsɛləˌreɪdər/