Definition of particle beam in English:

particle beam


  • A concentrated stream of subatomic particles, generated in order to cause collisions between particles that will shed new light on their nature and structure.

    ‘Lichtenberg Figures are electrical discharges that have been permanently captured within clear acrylic plastic, combining the technologies of particle beam and dielectric physics with the natural beauty of fractals.’
    • ‘Says Corlett, ‘The quality of any particle beam depends heavily upon its feedback system.’’
    • ‘Consequently, the charged particle beam can be applied uniformly to the irradiation object and an irradiation time of the charged particle beam to the irradiation object can be curtailed.’
    • ‘Before he could fire, the area behind him was lit up from the blue particle beam of Tim's pistol striking Nathan in the back, sending him into unconsciousness.’
    • ‘Copper tube - the particle beam travels in a vacuum inside this tube’