Definition of partridgeberry in English:



  • 1Either of two North American plants with edible red berries that are eaten by game birds.

    Mitchella repens, family Rubiaceae. and the cowberry.

    • ‘The Canada Yew type was composed primarily of Canada yew, with Canada mayflower and partridgeberry making up an additional 33% of the importance.’
    • ‘Seasonal patterns in the rates of photosynthesis were similar in shaded partridgeberry and eastern hemlock.’
    • ‘Partridgeberry brightens the drab forest floor in fall and winter, its mats of evergreen leaves and scarlet fruits hugging the ground.’
    • ‘One surprising inclusion was the humble partridgeberry, a plant often underfoot and overlooked.’
    • ‘An evergreen vine, partridgeberry grows up to a foot long, with a whitish, trailing stem.’
    1. 1.1The fruit of a partridgeberry plant.