Definition of partygoer in English:



  • A person attending a party.

    ‘I was an avid partygoer—I liked the good life’
    • ‘Once it moved into the clubs, it lost a lot of the appeal for some of the partygoers who would attend events.’
    • ‘In the celebrations local partygoers threw a firecracker, and the four thought they were under fire.’
    • ‘Rave parties are always popular on New Year's Eve, especially among younger partygoers.’
    • ‘His eyes continued to moved among the partygoers, seeking someone in particular.’
    • ‘In one particular park in the Salthill area where the residents plant shrubs and flowers at their own expense the partygoers saw fit to pull up the shrubs and flowers.’
    • ‘Montreal is quickly becoming one of the best places to ring in the New Year with partygoers due to its excellent nightlife reputation.’
    • ‘This cleaners has seen a 50 percent drop, because the clothes partygoers would have worn are still in their closets.’
    • ‘A giant screen on the night showed how much money was still to be raised and glitter rained down on partygoers as the magic £1 million was announced.’
    • ‘Police in South Yorkshire have produced 20,000 postcards to be given out to festive partygoers advising them of the safest way to get home.’
    • ‘But at a recent social event with a large percentage of partygoers under 30, I realized my age was showing.’
    • ‘Music, singing, and dancing will be on the agenda for this 41st party and a special party cake will be cut by the two oldest partygoers.’
    • ‘The two, Switzerland's most glamorous diplomatic couple, have acquired a reputation as partygoers in Berlin.’
    • ‘Glass containers and tin cans are banned from all official events and are to be collected from partygoers - who will be offered a plastic alternative.’
    • ‘All partygoers receive a healthy and nutritious party pack.’
    • ‘This led to fights and disturbances within the town, with the youngsters mixing with older partygoers who had filtered into the town after pub closing time.’
    • ‘Apart from that he stressed that partygoers not using public transport should nominate a designated driver who didn't drink.’
    • ‘Abandoned motorbikes could be seen under the water where the partygoers had left them as they scrambled to get off the site as quickly as possible once the storm struck.’
    • ‘I did my part to express solidarity with my partygoers by drinking the same cheap scotch I expected them to drink.’
    • ‘Fortunately, none of the partygoers or bus passengers were injured.’
    • ‘Mrs Morgan explained that the partygoers were very well organised.’
    merrymaker, partygoer, party animal, carouser, roisterer, good-time boy, good-time girl, pleasure seeker