Main definitions of pas in English

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Pronunciation /pä/ /pɑ/


  • A step in dancing, especially in classical ballet.

    ‘She pointed her foot, and stood on her other as she raised her foot to perform a grand jeté, followed by a two pas de chats, and a triple pirouette.’
    • ‘Transition steps, like a glissade or pas de bourrée, are often as important as pirouettes.’
    • ‘He also fell over in the pas de six in Giselle when dancing in Australia - doing a very easy ton levé, he slipped and slid like a seal.’
    • ‘However, in the pas for two men they were at times out of sync.’
    • ‘The basic structure was certainly ballet - almost every pas could be named within the ballet vocabulary, but the impulse was utter freedom.’



Main definitions of PAS in English

: pas1PAS2



  • Power-assisted steering.