Definition of Pashto in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpaSHˌtō/ /ˈpæʃˌtoʊ/


  • The Iranian language of the Pashtuns, also spoken in northern areas of Pakistan, that is an official language of Afghanistan.

    ‘I don't even think there's a word in Urdu or Pushtu for ‘immediately.’’
    • ‘Not only Urdu but all the other languages of the largely Muslim peoples of the subcontinent of which I have knowledge - Pushtu, Punjabi, and Sindhi - carry the same message.’
    • ‘Suddenly men came rushing in, screaming in Pushtu.’
    • ‘Few of the new subjects spoke Pashto - the Pashtun language - preferring Dari, a version of Persian, or Turkic dialects instead.’
    • ‘The new dedicated schedule features three hour blocks of new programming in the key languages of Afghanistan (Persian and Pashto; plus some English and Uzbek) at breakfast, lunchtime and evening every day.’
    • ‘The service targets listeners in Afghanistan and Pakistan, where Pashto is widely spoken.’
    • ‘Dari and Pashto - the two principal languages spoken in Afghanistan - are now on the air two hours and 15 minutes a day and will soon be expanded to three hours each, according to VOA.’
    • ‘New Home, New Life is a radio soap opera produced and recorded by the BBC's Afghan Service in Peshawar, Pakistan, and broadcast in two languages - Dari and Pashto - three times a week.’
    • ‘The books are available in both of Afghanistan's major languages, Dari and Pashto.’
    • ‘The BBC World Service expects to have attracted significant new audiences and high listenership in Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia following expanded coverage in Pashto, Persian, Arabic, Urdu and Somali.’
    • ‘According to this article, the government is in need of a few translators of Arabic, Farsi, and Pashto.’
    • ‘We all recall the tickers rolling across the bottom of our television screens asking speakers of Arabic, Farsi, and Pashto to come forward.’
    • ‘It was not broadcast in Britain but was listened to avidly throughout Afghanistan, where it was translated into Pashto.’
    • ‘This elegant and thought-provoking enterprise brings together an assortment of works in English as well as in the Pakistani languages, including not only Urdu, but also Punjabi, Siraiki, Sindhi and Pashto.’
    • ‘The BBC has broadcast news to Afghanistan for 60 years in Persian and for 20 years in Pashto, the country's two main languages.’
    • ‘They don't speak Pashto and don't know anything about the complex Pashtun tribal code.’
    • ‘‘It's very difficult for a mother to explain what it's like when her sick son leaves her,’ she said in her native Pashto.’
    • ‘‘I like Pashto, maths and Islamic studies,’ she said brightly.’
    • ‘Three old men were listening intently to the BBC World Service news in Pashto.’


The name in Pashto.