Definition of pass muster in English:

pass muster

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  • Be accepted as adequate or satisfactory.

    ‘a treaty that might pass muster with the voters’
    • ‘He knew the treaty would never pass muster with the Senate.’
    • ‘Michael's beef olives also passed muster, judging by the satisfied silence from across the table.’
    • ‘But, to me, that explanation doesn't even come close to passing muster.’
    • ‘Both reckoned this place comfortably passes muster and represents good value.’
    • ‘The debate lasted nine hours and, in the end, the plan passed muster by only a single vote - 57 to 56.’
    • ‘The whole combination managed to stay on the right side of blandness, however, and just about passed muster.’
    • ‘A couple of her other relatives did manage a brief visit and the house passed muster nicely.’
    • ‘Still, despite his reservations, his verdict was that it just about passed muster.’
    • ‘Secondly, in spite of a fair degree of hype, it is highly improbable that there will be any sanctions or counter-measures against those countries that fail to pass muster.’
    • ‘Many strongly believe he didn't pass muster at either!’
    be good enough, come up to standard, come up to scratch, measure up, be acceptable, be adequate, be sufficient, fill the bill, fit the bill, do, qualify
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