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pass off

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phrasal verb

  • 1pass someone or something off, pass off someone or somethingFalsely represent a person or thing as being someone or something else.

    • ‘the drink was packaged in champagne bottles and was being passed off as the real stuff’
    misrepresent, falsely represent, give a false identity to
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  • 2pass something off, pass off somethingEvade or lightly dismiss an awkward remark.

    ‘he made a light joke and passed it off’
    • ‘When I meet him, he tries to pass it off with a joke.’
    • ‘Simpson now passes the comment off as ‘a joke’.’
    • ‘It seemed as if he meant to pass it off as a casual observation.’
    • ‘He forced a smile, hoping to pass the remark off as a mild joke.’
    • ‘He might have passed her words off as the whims of childishness but she was not alone in her condemnations.’
  • 3British Happen or be concluded in a specified, usually satisfactory way.

    ‘the weekend had passed off entirely without incident’
    • ‘Buskers and street artists performed at every corner and the entire proceedings passed off without a hitch.’
    • ‘It's up to me to make sure everything passes off without a hitch.’
    • ‘We will be policing this event appropriately, to make sure the rally passes off without incident.’
    • ‘An event on this scale takes a lot of preparation we're working hard to ensure it all passes off smoothly.’
    • ‘Police have advised many pubs to provide plastic glasses and extra doormen to ensure the big day passes off safely.’
    • ‘Earlier, a march by around 250,000 demonstrators had passed off peacefully but one large group set fire to government buildings.’
    • ‘‘The night passed off without any major incident, indeed it was very quiet,’ he said.’
    • ‘Despite a huge police presence following months of warnings about the potential for trouble, the event passed off peacefully.’
    • ‘She said the event had passed off peacefully with no arrests.’
    • ‘Around 20 000 people turned up to this year's festivities and it passed off without any trouble.’
    take place, go off, happen, occur, be carried though, be completed, be brought to a conclusion, be accomplished
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  • 4pass something off, pass off somethingBasketball
    Throw the ball to a teammate who is unguarded.

    ‘he scored eight times and passed off six assists’
    • ‘Paul quickly picked up on Will's style and was able to quickly pass the ball off to his other teammates before Will could steal it.’
    • ‘Instead of taking the ball to the hoop, for a lay-up, the guy passes the ball off and continues the offense.’
    • ‘That meant he would have to shoot from long range or try to drive and pass the ball off.’
    • ‘He did a nice fake then passed the ball off to our power forward under the basket.’
    • ‘He raised his hand in the air, signaling the offensive play, and passed it off to Rob, who had run up to the free-throw line.’