Definition of passed ball in English:

passed ball


  • A pitch that the catcher fails to stop or control, enabling a base runner to advance.

    • ‘He fanned the next two, but a passed ball advanced the runners.’
    • ‘Pitchers, of course, must cover the plate on wild pitch and passed ball third strike situations when there is an advancing runner coming home.’
    • ‘Because the runners are thinking about moving, they are more apt to take an extra base on a wild pitch or passed ball.’
    • ‘Scorers, of course, must not only make determinations of errors, passed balls, and wild pitches, but also fill out detailed forms that include all pertinent statistics of the game for the league office.’
    • ‘One day with the Mets he saw a wild pitch followed by a passed ball, declared himself dizzy from watching the Dodgers run and said, ‘Makes a man think.’’
    • ‘It's a total no team has matched since, or is likely to given the current propensity to hang around third base waiting for a hit, sacrifice fly, wild pitch, passed ball, error or even balk to cover the rest of the way home.’
    • ‘No perfect game can be credited to a pitcher if any runner on an opposing team reaches first base safely, whether by a fielder's error, by being hit with a pitch or, as in your case, by means of a passed ball charged to the catcher.’
    • ‘This person is appointed by the league, sits in the press box and determines whether a play is a hit or an error, a wild pitch or a passed ball or even sometimes no play at all.’
    • ‘Taubensee tries to stop these pitches with his glove instead of getting his body in front of the ball, which leads to passed ball and wild pitches.’
    • ‘It can be by virtue of a hit, a putout, an error, a forceout, a fielder's choice, a passed ball, a wild pitch, a balk, or a stolen base.’
    • ‘Instead, the result was a passed ball, the baserunners advanced, and the inning dragged on.’
    • ‘‘You know you can't afford to walk anyone, not allow a passed ball on strike three or a wild pitch on strike three that you don't block,’ Girardi said.’
    • ‘My brother and I have been trying to find out how you record the at-bat for a batter reaching first base after being struck out on a passed ball.’
    • ‘Simply put, it is reconstructing an inning without errors or passed balls.’
    • ‘They are the N.L's worst fielding team statistically, ranking in the top three in lowest percentage, most errors, most ERs allowed and most passed balls.’
    • ‘While he still leads the league in passed balls, he's committed only one error thus far.’
    • ‘He led National League catchers four times in fielding, and tied a league record in 1941 by allowing no passed balls in 114 games.’
    • ‘But those passed balls didn't seem to be as bothersome last year.’
    • ‘His average was .205, and although he didn't have an error, he allowed three passed balls in his first 19 games.’
    • ‘He's still throwing baserunners out, but he already has allowed a career-high seven passed balls.’