Definition of passing shot in English:

passing shot


  • A shot aiming the ball beyond and out of reach of one's opponent.

    • ‘Unfortunately for me, his passing shots and defensive skills are awesome.’
    • ‘He used his reach to put away a fierce volley for 5-4, but his opponent managed to come back and used a backhand passing shot on his first set point to go one set up.’
    • ‘She played some good passing shots in the tie breaker to win it at 7-1.’
    • ‘For every time she unleashed her precise and deep passing shots, they caught the famed rival off-guard repeatedly.’
    • ‘To me, feel in action is a tennis player sizing up a passing shot and in a split-second choosing either to break off a sharp topspin angler or completely fool his opponent with a soft, carefully placed lob.’
    • ‘I'm going to try to make him play as many volleys as I can and if I get second shots, I am going to try and hit passing shots.’
    • ‘Relying on talent and willpower, he pulled back one service break with a couple of quality passing shots before saving two match points as he defended his own serve.’
    • ‘The first player, standing on the left, tried to hit a cross-court passing shot to the right of his opponent who was standing beside him on the right.’
    • ‘The commentator said the Australian possessed the best passing shots, return of serve and court speed he had ever seen - at least on that near-perfect Sunday for the youngster from Adelaide.’
    • ‘He had barely been on court five minutes when he dropped his first service game, partly to two beautifully crafted passing shots by his opponent and partly to his own impatient swiping.’
    • ‘His return of serve, his backhand passing shots, the very things that are generally regarded as his weak spots, were smart and sharp.’
    • ‘He rarely made a passing shot off the backhand like that.’
    • ‘The American got the breakthrough in the third game when he misjudged and left a passing shot which drifted inside the line and then dumped a forehand into the net to lose serve.’
    • ‘I then recover from seeing a passing shot called narrowly out to set up two break points.’
    • ‘He fired several fine passing shots to break back at 5-5, and sharpened up his game in the tie-break to take the set 7-6 and win the match.’
    • ‘She was overpowering me and hitting those passing shots with precision and power and that's why I had to opt for the sliced returns.’
    • ‘I made some good passing shots but today he made so many mistakes from the net.’
    • ‘Most of the courts we play on these days are very slow, and it gives my opponents a lot of time to hit good returns, run over and make good passing shots.’
    • ‘It was obvious from the start that he was nervous, but there were still moments when he forgot where he was and just let rip with some his returns or passing shots.’
    • ‘The Swiss No.3 seed won the first three games, then fell victim to some fine volleying and crisp passing shots.’


passing shot