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passion fruit

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(also passionfruit)
  • The edible purple fruit of a kind of passionflower that is grown commercially, especially in tropical America.

    Also called granadilla

    This fruit is obtained from Passiflora edulis, family Passifloraceae

    ‘In a blender, combine the passion fruit pulp, passion fruit juice, coconut milk, lemon juice, and lime juice.’
    • ‘A snootful of tropical fruit - passion fruit, guanabana - becomes smooth and, surprisingly, only slightly sweet on the palate, with notes of cooked white raisins and creme brulee.’
    • ‘St Augustine's pupils won with a cheesy mushroom filo tartlet, wok tossed lime and chilli chicken on ginger and garlic noodles and a passion fruit and strawberry trifle.’
    • ‘The increased availability of fresh produce year round, including exotic fruits like mango, passion fruit and guava, has made it easier to offer fresh juice.’
    • ‘Toss the mache, frisée, and celery leaves in the passion fruit vinaigrette and place around the scallops.’
    • ‘Fresh figs, pineapples, papayas, guavas, passion fruit, and mangoes contain an enzyme called protease, which breaks down the protein in gelatin and prevents the liquid from setting.’
    • ‘The weekly arrival of the banana boat makes everything possible; piggyback exports of coconuts, citrus and passion fruit, and imports of foreign exotics like salt cod, potatoes and butter.’
    • ‘Transfer the chilled passion fruit filling to a pastry bag fitted with a small, plain tip.’
    • ‘Passion fruit with coffee and mint flavors; the passion fruit shell was scooped out and the coffee inside flavored with the fruit and with a bit of mint.’
    • ‘In the garden outside her friend's house grew ripe passion fruit, and she played around a bit with the tropical fruit, adding some fresh grapefruit juice.’
    • ‘Try nectarines, star fruit, cherimoyas, passion fruit, kiwis or any of the countless items of produce most quality supermarkets stock.’
    • ‘To follow, I would make the most of those papaya, lychees and passion fruit that are looking so good this month.’
    • ‘Bea's selection of vanilla panna cotta with a passion fruit, pineapple and mango sauce was far nearer the mark, with the faintly piquant sauce nicely offsetting the creamy texture of the panna cotta.’
    • ‘Tropical fruits such as pineapple, passion fruit and wood apple are combined with coconut milk to create unforgettable mocktails.’
    • ‘I came into a world in which oranges were scarce, bananas exotic and passion fruit unheard of.’
    • ‘A pale orange hue marks my favorite, the granadilla drink, made from a passion fruit species native to Central America.’
    • ‘Using a rubber spatula, fold in the passion fruit seeds and set aside in the freezer until set.’
    • ‘Stein's first course of raw tuna fish starter marinated with passion fruit and green chilli goes perfectly with the Tower Chardonnay he's bought (from the winery he co-owns in South Australia).’
    • ‘Now, those industries have gone and globalisation means that we can buy sun-drenched pineapples, mangoes and passion fruit in the middle of winter.’
    • ‘My favourite was the chilli jelly, the passion fruit and the lime.’


passion fruit

/ˈpaSH(ə)n ˌfro͞ot/ /ˈpæʃ(ə)n ˌfrut/