Definition of passive matrix in English:

passive matrix


  • A display system in which individual pixels are selected using two control voltages for the row and column.

    ‘The OLED sale was also prompted by lackluster sales of the passive matrix devices offered by the Samsung NEC Mobile Display Co. joint venture.’
    • ‘Our research indicates that telecom will continue to be the biggest growth area for mobile displays and will double in value and volume over the next four years mainly fueled by the transition from passive matrix to active matrix.’
    • ‘There are two approaches to this goal: passive matrix and active matrix.’
    • ‘Method for performing write and read operations in a passive matrix memory, and apparatus for performing the method’
    • ‘Besides Fuji Electric, Kodak OLED licensees number more than 15, several of whom are engaged in mass production of passive matrix OLED displays.’
    • ‘TFT screens are sharper than old kinds of passive matrix LCD screen, and as a consequence passive matrix screens are no longer available on laptops.’
    • ‘The Netbook's 7.7in 640 x 480 passive matrix display has been replaced with an 800 x 600 TFT model.’
    • ‘We were impressed with the picture quality, especially considering the display is passive matrix - colors were a bit washed out, but otherwise pictures were sharp, bright, and looked good.’
    • ‘There are basically two kinds of screen on the market: active matrix and dual scan / passive matrix screens.’
    • ‘The slowdown through 1997 and 1998, broadly follows the improving yields on passive matrix screens, and the 1999 growth ties in with the improvements in the production of active matrix screens, now the standard for notebook PCs.’