Definition of pasticcio in English:


nounplural noun pasticcios

another term for pastiche
‘It is possible that the serenata might be what is known as a pasticcio, or an assemblage of music by several composers.’
  • ‘This is a pasticcio opera, which means that, in certain arias, Vivaldi used music by other composers - in this case, some associated with Neapolitan opera, such as Broschi, Hasse, and Giacomelli - and adapted it for his new opera.’
  • ‘Like fellow Beat Jedi Madlib, Spinna adhered to a jazz-based aesthetic but was willing to dig into other genre's for a pasticcio rewarding in its eclecticism.’
  • ‘No less popular was the pasticcio Love in a Village.’
  • ‘By the end of the seventeenth century, a new term had come into play to describe the mixed style: pasticcio.’
  • ‘Her ‘scenes from the life of Saint Francis’ is a bright, engaging pasticcio, based on a conceit.’



/paˈstēCH(ē)ˌō/ /pæˈstitʃ(i)ˌoʊ/