Definition of pastoralist in English:



  • 1(especially in Australia) a sheep or cattle farmer.

    • ‘When they killed sheep or cattle the pastoralists retaliated by killing the Aborigines.’
    • ‘Oromos are mainly farmers and pastoralists (herders).’
    • ‘In addition to losing land to ranchers and farmers, pastoralists have seen their mobility drastically reduced by the expansion of national game parks.’
    • ‘The people of this area are pastoralists, keeping cattle, sheep, goats and camels to provide for most of their needs.’
    • ‘Namibia was originally inhabited by nomadic hunters, gatherers, and pastoralists (livestock herders), the ancestors of today's Bushman and Khoispeaking people.’
    • ‘Banyankole society is divided into a high-ranked caste (social class) of pastoralists (nomadic herders) and a lower-ranked caste of farmers.’
    • ‘The rate of urbanization in Chad is low, with most of the people still living as cultivators and pastoralists in dispersed hamlets, cattle camps, villages, and oases.’
    • ‘The schemes provide financial help to farmers and pastoralists with projects to develop self-sufficient water sources that reduce their dependency on water transported to properties, particularly in times of drought.’
    • ‘Community members know about fire in a direct and active way, but they know it only as a danger and a threat, and this submerges memories of more benign fires from the past, the fires used by farmers and pastoralists.’
    • ‘Modern Ewenki are hunters, farmers, or nomadic pastoralists - those who raise domesticated animals and wander with their herds in search of pasture and water.’
    • ‘The stated aim of the 10 Point Plan was ‘to strike a fair balance between respect for native title and security for pastoralists, farmers and miners’.’
    • ‘United Livestock Producers believes the State Government's agreement with Emirates airlines could prove a boon to Mid West farmers and pastoralists.’
    • ‘Rising interethnic tensions, sparked by competition for land use between local farmers and displaced pastoralists, could threaten reconstruction across southern Sudan.’
    • ‘But after two years of talks, two nearby pastoralists will run cattle on the property, while training the station's young people, and building up its herd.’
    • ‘In both regions, many of these fortunate early settlers developed relatively comfortable life-styles as farmers and pastoralists.’
    • ‘It gave pastoralists and farmers a 30-year breathing space until, by the 1980s, the rabbits had acquired an immunity and began to breed again.’
    • ‘They reduced transport cost and isolation for the many farmers, pastoralists and miners, making it possible to compete on local and world markets.’
    • ‘As new forms of abstraction make it possible to produce a surplus from the land with fewer and fewer farmers, pastoralists turn them off their land, depriving them of their living.’
    • ‘After more farmers, pastoralists and settlers had moved north, several government surveyors visited the Flinders Ranges.’
    • ‘Certainly, many small-scale farmers, pastoralists, and others lack viable alternatives.’
  • 2archaic A writer of pastorals.

    • ‘In places the critic himself seems to have succumbed to the conventional wisdom, for instance portraying the Georgian poets as pastoralists and ignoring their rebellion against syrupy Victorianism.’
    • ‘Among some of these and later pastoralists were Thomas Elder, John Warren, John Baker and Sidney Kidman.’
    • ‘Perhaps the most successful pastoralist was Sidney Kidman.’