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patent medicine

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  • A proprietary medicine made and marketed under a patent and available without prescription.

    ‘The ‘medicines’ include alcohol, tobacco, and patent medicines.’
    • ‘Chemists made up their own remedies in addition to selling the many patent medicines available.’
    • ‘Suppliers should not make available patent medicines whose ingredients are not certain, and practitioners should not prescribe them.’
    • ‘But as popular and lucrative as cure-all patent medicines were in the 1890s, they failed to generate the kind of money to which Rosenblum's lifestyle aspired.’
    • ‘There are also many sites where the information presented is more problematic, such as some of the claims being made for patent medicines and herbal remedies.’
    • ‘A more recent category of Cajun cures consists of patent medicines and certain other commercial products.’
    • ‘In China I was introduced to traditional Chinese medicine, including patent medicines, herbology and meridian work.’
    • ‘This research is an effort to create an awareness. of the potential hazards of some Chinese patent medicines which contain mercurial ingredients.’
    • ‘She thought that older people might be sceptical about the value of complementary health measures and prefer to buy the patent medicines used in their younger days.’
    • ‘It was excruciating - she assuaged her agony with patent medicines and gin-and-tonics - but she believes she has been ‘improved’ by it.’
    • ‘They were used in Europe only by some adventurous and transgressive literati, though they were also hidden in patent medicines and tonics.’
    • ‘It produces and sells high-quality patent medicines.’
    • ‘Charlatans sell bogus patent medicines by Internet and infomercial.’
    • ‘The few barrels they produced were used to make patent medicines.’
    • ‘He also ran a profitable business in patent medicines.’
    • ‘This book is recommended to all practitioners of Chinese patent medicines.’
    • ‘The ethically dubious world of patent medicines was born.’
    • ‘Beatrice's father made a fortune in business with his brother selling patent medicines.’
    • ‘I came across the site today when I heard on the radio that ketchup was originally sold as a patent medicine.’
    • ‘And we keep hearing from readers about new uses for this old patent medicine.’
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patent medicine

/ˈpatnt ˈmedəsən/ /ˈpætnt ˈmɛdəsən/