Definition of pater in English:



  • 1British informal, dated Father.

    • ‘the pater gives her fifty pounds a year as a dress allowance’
    • ‘Unfortunately, however, by the time pater returns from his day at the type face, father and son are more often than not no longer co-ordinated in the pants department.’
    • ‘‘How beautiful,’ said your mum to your pater. ‘If only you could be noble like that occasionally.’’
    • ‘His narrator hotfoots it to Shanghai, where he was brought up, to solve the mystery of his missing mater and pater.’
    • ‘He would teach Charles, the eldest of the three, to master chess, a nonsensical game his prating pater really could not stand.’
    mother, father
  • 2Anthropology
    A person's legal father.

    Often contrasted with genitor

    ‘a man's genitor was not necessarily the same individual as his pater’
    • ‘A limited number of individuals may claim ownership of the estates of both their pater and genitor.’
    • ‘People do not claim to own more than one small-scale name, unless their pater is distinct from their genitor.’
    • ‘We look at the previous offspring of the pater.’



/ˈpādər/ /ˈpeɪdər/ /ˈpädər/ /ˈpɑdər/