Definition of patisserie in English:



  • 1A shop where pastries and cakes are sold.

    ‘the patisserie also specializes in cheesecakes and tortes’
    • ‘But in France, they are carefully hand-harvested and sold as a seasonal luxury to serve atop perfect individual custard tarts at Paris patisseries.’
    • ‘Amanda had done a lot of travelling to Italy and other European countries working in patisseries and health stores making chocolates.’
    • ‘There are boulangeries and patisseries in every town, with fresh croissants and pastries.’
    • ‘Say goodbye to the scene in which a car smashes into a boulangerie; Hollywood prefers to demolish patisseries.’
    • ‘In the seaside suburb of St Kilda, you'll find fantastic patisseries still owned by descendants of the original Jewish families who settled there.’
    • ‘As we juggled our time between morning visits and lazy afternoons in and out of piazzas and patisseries, I wondered what would have appealed to him.’
    • ‘The second is a Maison Blanc, one of a small chain of French patisseries.’
    • ‘Now an upmarket shop, it has 46 employees and operates a patisserie, delicatessen and a meat, game and poultry section.’
    • ‘Few, these days, have time for a trip to the patisserie before work, which explains the fast-growing popularity of that Anglo-Saxon import, the breakfast cereal.’
    • ‘I hated it and I knew I wanted to be in the kitchen, so in 1956 I headed straight for Paris to work in a patisserie, indulging my love of sugar and sweetness.’
    • ‘First I took a short train ride to go to a patisserie called Au Bon Vieux Temps.’
    • ‘Then there is the arty bookshop he is planning downstairs, and the adjustments that need to be made to the chairs in the patisserie.’
    • ‘Rob was at the finish with two bags full of cookies and bonbons from a local patisserie.’
    • ‘It was a real boost to the spirits, as was the coffee and cake I had at a patisserie afterwards.’
    • ‘Now, only a French-run patisserie outclasses her.’
    • ‘Afterwards Mum, Amelia and I sat outside a patisserie (which is what they have in Albert Park) in the chilly May sunshine and sipped hot coffees.’
    • ‘The kids were only interested in the towns and villages if they had a patisserie and a swimming pool; the canal was too murky to be jumping into.’
    • ‘The marriage is abandoned and she leaves university, moving to another village, where she finds work at a patisserie.’
    • ‘It's getting dark as we leave the patisserie and the chanting begins again.’
    • ‘He perked up a bit when we went down the stairs to the patisserie for a cookie.’
    1. 1.1mass noun Pastries and cakes collectively.
      ‘cream cakes and French patisserie’
      • ‘So I jumped in my little car I'd bought for £50 and went to Amsterdam where I found Dutch patisserie is probably the best in Europe.’
      • ‘Not that my visit is all patisserie and cafe au lait, goodness no.’
      • ‘He is a highly trained patisserie chef and chocolatier and has made chocolates for the Belgian royal family.’
      • ‘I couldn't resist a magical, exotic pale pink patisserie creation that almost defies description.’
      • ‘I was distracted by a window full of patisseries on the Rue Bonaparte.’
      • ‘It will boast a fabulous selection of freshly-baked French breads and patisseries, traditional charcuterie and delicacies and fine herbs and spices to whet any appetite.’
      • ‘The Pastry Boutique also specializes in exquisite floral arrangements, delectable chocolate and a range of patisseries.’
      • ‘Café Bleu offers a range of sandwiches, panini and patisseries which he describes as Mediterranean cuisine.’


Late 16th century from French pâtisserie, from medieval Latin pasticium ‘pastry’, from pasta ‘paste’.



/pəˈtiːs(ə)ri/ /pəˈtɪs(ə)ri/