Definition of patootie in English:


nounplural noun patooties

  • 1 informal, dated A girlfriend or attractive young woman.

    • ‘she's a real hot patootie’
    • ‘She was this cutie patootie I'd met while looking for another girl, a girl from New York who I was kind of seeing.’
    • ‘Poetry should be brief, whimsical verse about a certain cutie patootie you'd like to get to know better.’
    • ‘Vegetarian or not, she'll always be my sweet patootie!’
    girlfriend, partner, lover, sweetheart, significant other, woman
  • 2 informal A person's or animal's buttocks.

    • ‘in his mildly frazzled moments, he might refer to one of his staff as a horse's patootie’
    • ‘I wouldn't want you to get one of those pointy boot tips up your patootie.’
    • ‘Soooooo, get your patootie on the nearest short bus and slobber your whole way home.’
    • ‘And, yes, we'll be having two pies for dessert - and you can bet your sweet patootie one of them will be old-fashioned mince!’
    • ‘I don't give a Rat's patootie how many people read this, as long as somebody does, I'd hate to just stand here and scream into the dark.’
    • ‘She will likely not give a rat's patootie what you think, but you will at least stop receiving the pictures.’
    • ‘Alas, there is no even remotely polite way to say you don't give a rat's patootie about their ‘news.’’
    buttocks, behind, backside, bottom, rear, rear end, seat, haunches, cheeks



/pəˈto͞odē/ /pəˈtudi/


Early 20th century perhaps an alteration of potato.