Definition of patronym in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpatrənim/ /ˈpætrənɪm/


  • another term for patronymic

    ‘You are only its bearer, nothing more than the agent for the transmission of the patronym.’
    • ‘Denied his patronym, Jeremy is truly "illegitimate."’
    • ‘The second claimant is Joseph Conrad, who has already been mentioned under his patronym, Korzeniowski.’
    • ‘In Spanish-speaking countries, a man takes on his mother's maiden name as a last name, but uses the patronym as the middle name and the official name.’
    • ‘In this period - the middle of the 19th century - variations in their patronym occurred and it was standardized as Normand dit Poupeville.’


Mid 19th century via French patronyme ‘family name’ from Greek patrōnumos (see patronymic).