Definition of paver in English:



  • 1A paving stone.

    ‘Likewise, the cost of the two types of pavers is relatively similar.’
    • ‘The streets are made up of pavers in different designs.’
    • ‘The blue chalk lines used to indicate where the pavers are to be cut are visible here.’
    • ‘We rested for the rest of the afternoon then headed back outside at about 8pm to pull up the pavers.’
    • ‘The surface of the motor court features concrete pavers in a fish-scale pattern.’
    • ‘Next, Claudia laid a new walkway of interlocking pavers in a neutral gray color.’
    • ‘The angled east wall of the living room invites transition to the east terrace, carried out in terra-cotta pavers.’
    • ‘Ground covers were planted between pavers, lawn between risers.’
    • ‘Replacement or resetting of select pavers on the deck will be done over the next two week period.’
    • ‘A patio of pavers laid on sand links the teahouse with the pond.’
    • ‘The stone pavers are about the length of a human foot.’
    • ‘For colored pavers, add powdered or liquid pigment to the concrete mix.’
    • ‘Set the pavers lightly on the sand, never pressing them or hammering them in.’
    • ‘The smooth stone pavers of the path are laid with tight seams, which makes for safe footing.’
    • ‘Pavers can then be placed in the desired pattern on top of the sand.’
    • ‘Concrete pavers, which may appear similar to their clay counterpart on the shelf, are actually a very different product.’
    • ‘The architect ensured that some rainwater would go into the soil by specifying permeable grid pavers.’
    • ‘The inner dial is constructed of pavers that have been tumbled to give them an ancient look.’
    • ‘One trick is to use tumbled concrete pavers, their raw edges chipped away, to mimic old cobblestones.’
    • ‘In place of a round slate paver in the center, you can use a concrete paver embellished with broken glazed tiles in pretty colors.’
  • 2A person who lays pavement or paving stones.

    ‘The road itself lengthens when the pavers put down new asphalt at its terminus.’
    • ‘In the later print, the blacksmith is seen brandishing a leg of ham and the Frenchman has been replaced by a paver who fondles a market seller.’
    • ‘They are skilled driveway pavers, barn painters and roofers, often with regular seasonal customers.’



/ˈpāvər/ /ˈpeɪvər/