Definition of pavlova in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpavləvə/ /pavˈləʊvə/


  • A dessert consisting of a meringue base or shell filled with whipped cream and fruit.

    • ‘The ideal moreish dessert is a sticky pavlova with too much whipped cream and sweetened with several spoons of caster sugar.’
    • ‘The best of the bunch is a classic pavlova, made with whipped cream and delicious deposits of banana-flavored caramel.’
    • ‘Desserts included ice cream, cheesecake, apple pie, pavlova and a cheese board, but we'd had enough at that stage and ordered tea and coffee instead.’
    • ‘For pudding, I'd like something divine - a light, crunchy, gooey, marshmallow pavlova filled with cream and tart fruit or chocolate.’
    • ‘Instead of pudding, many people have ice cream cakes or cold desserts such as pavlova (made from egg whites and sugar).’
    • ‘Both the classic crisp form and the chewier pavlova - a soft meringue from Australia - are perfect partners for all the fruit and berries August has to offer.’
    • ‘Somehow, though, when it's dark at four o'clock and there is the prospect of snow outside, the pavlova doesn't really make sense as a Christmas dessert.’
    • ‘The strawberry pavlova was delicious - as indicated by the fresh fruit that accompanied my starter of melon.’
    • ‘‘So tell me what you saw yesterday,’ Ryder said, returning the remaining pavlova to the fridge.’
    • ‘I won on salmon, but lost on the pavlova, compared to those around me.’
    • ‘But in this one, it's still a kiwifruit, something best served when sliced and served on a pavlova.’
    • ‘I'm making a pavlova for tomorrow, to bring a little bit of the NZ Christmas spirit here.’
    • ‘Cover the cooked pavlova with a damp dish towel and leave it to cool.’
    • ‘It all sounds very practical: a brisk once-over, a brief chat, a spoonful of pavlova and a decision about whether you could have children together.’
    • ‘His recipes - such as chicken pie, fishcakes and pavlova - really work well and the book is perfect for Christmas stockings.’
    • ‘Later everyone was served with tea and coffee and delicious homemade strawberry pavlova and chocolate cake, made by Susie herself.’
    • ‘To round off a meal of simple, unadulterated luxury, try an incredibly easy pavlova, oozing strawberries and cream.’
    • ‘The most exotic thing she ever made was pavlova.’
    • ‘We just have to pick and choose, hoping to get some meaty bits in a sea of wilting lettuce, processed coleslaw and mass produced pavlova.’
    • ‘We will have to have pavlova without strawberries, because every time we eat a strawberry we are making the ozone hole bigger.’


Named after A. Pavlova (see Pavlova, Anna).



/ˈpavləvə/ /pavˈləʊvə/