Definition of pay-per-click in English:



mass noun
  • (on the Internet) a business model whereby a company that has placed an advertisement on a website pays a sum of money to the host website when a user clicks on to the advertisement.

    as modifier ‘so-called 'click fraud' is an increasing problem as pay-per-click advertising continues to grow’
    • ‘Even startups use such techniques in conjunction with pay-per-click advertisements.’
    • ‘The conversion rate is better too - meaning I get more sales "per capita" than using pay-per-click or buying ads in newsletters.’
    • ‘The problem is, pay-per-click isn't suitable for businesses in local markets.’
    • ‘Strauss estimates that every $1 he spends on pay-per-click advertisements translates into about $3 in sales.’
    • ‘The great advantage of pay-per-click is that it is measurable.’
    • ‘Click fraud is the practice of adulterating pay-per-click advertising statistics by generating illegitimate hits.’
    • ‘It sounds like a great idea - sell surplus advertising space to Google so that it can place pay-per-click ads there.’
    • ‘Under the 'pay-per-click' model, advertisers are charged if a surfer clicks on a link.’
    • ‘In 2000, pay-per-click took off.’
    • ‘The overriding goal of a pay-per-click advertising system is to get people to click on the most lucrative ads as often as possible.’
    • ‘But for all the undoubted strengths of its pay-per-click system, some worrying vulnerabilities have emerged.’
    • ‘And for a time, pay-per-click ads on the Internet seemed like a pretty good solution.’
    • ‘As the pay-per-click advertising business grows with the Internet itself, so too does click fraud.’
    • ‘Plus, the company reinvests only 6 percent of revenue into advertising and gets a hefty 55 percent of its sales from organic search, which insulates the company from rising pay-per-click advertising rates.’
    • ‘Several of these firms noticed unusually high spikes in traffic to pay-per-click ads on Microsoft's search tool.’
    • ‘More pay-per-click means more online content but ultimately less money for producing that content.’
    • ‘Chances are you've heard about the amazing ROI that can be had with pay-per-click advertising on Google, Yahoo! and Bing.’
    • ‘In the digital age, ambitious business owners also plough considerable resources into online marketing techniques, such as search engine optimisation and pay-per-click advertising, to attract new buyers.’