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pay phone

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  • A public telephone that is operated by coins or by a credit or prepaid card.

    ‘So why should payphone cards and prepay cellphones be any different?’
    • ‘Calls from mobile phones and payphones generated a higher rate of communication problems than those from land lines.’
    • ‘British Telecom has selected 15 public payphones in Bexley for removal.’
    • ‘Revenue from customer premises equipment, cardphones and payphones was down by between 21 and 22 per cent.’
    • ‘It turns out that people who don't have mobiles or fixed landline phones use payphones more than any other group.’
    • ‘It's no surprise that the public payphone is a declining species.’
    • ‘John, now leaning against a newspaper-vending box, puts more coins in the payphone.’
    • ‘I shouldn't call from a public payphone, because it's charged at £1 per minute.’
    • ‘He said he had a mobile phone, but found payphones to be cheaper.’
    • ‘Calls from payphones and some mobile networks may cost more.’
    • ‘The two girls scurried to the payphone and grabbed the phonebook from it.’
    • ‘The reception was fuzzy, as if she were answering from a payphone.’
    • ‘I had to go to the payphone and call his mobile to find out where he was.’
    • ‘Lisa stood in front of the payphone, wondering where she had put her cell phone.’
    • ‘Last month, the company admitted it was exploring ways to provide digital music through its own public terminals, such as payphones.’
    • ‘I hurried into University College to the bank of payphones, dialed my room and crossed my fingers.’
    • ‘The rain pounded on her head as she lifted the phone from the payphone.’
    • ‘She took a bus to get here and phoned me from a payphone when she arrived.’
    • ‘I could not run to the payphone fast enough to phone my mom.’
    • ‘As she walked out to the car parking lot and picked up the payphone to dial her father, she knew she was in for a ride.’