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peace dividend

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  • A sum of public money which becomes available for other purposes when spending on defense is reduced.

    ‘the peace dividend from the end of the Cold War’
    • ‘This need for global reach is a dimension of national security where the peace dividend that many sought with the end of the Cold War has proved elusive.’
    • ‘That's equivalent to four pence on income tax - wait till you see the peace dividend from ending this war.’
    • ‘Beyond this, the end of the cold war would bring a peace dividend both financial and political.’
    • ‘It took a peace dividend after the Berlin Wall came down, along with most other countries, including the US and Australia.’
    • ‘But that needs to be weighed against the certain peace dividend.’
    • ‘After all, they had felt the worst of the Cold War, therefore they deserved to have the best of a peace dividend.’
    • ‘We were told ordinary people would receive a peace dividend.’
    • ‘If people can't even move within the city and accept work where they wish, where is the peace dividend?’
    • ‘The working class in these poor areas have not seen the benefit of the peace dividend.’
    • ‘It was believed the end of the Cold War would allow for a peace dividend, freeing up dollars by reducing military spending.’
    • ‘Yes, it was a huge peace dividend because of the end of the Cold War.’
    • ‘The end of the Cold War brought about a peace dividend in the form of reduced budgets and manpower.’
    • ‘I think we let our defenses down a bit after the Cold War and wanted to enjoy the peace dividend.’
    • ‘The peace dividend, which benefited the economy after the Cold War ended, has now gone.’
    • ‘A peace dividend for Northern Ireland has to be a balanced package.’
    • ‘That's our focus, but if there's a peace dividend I hope we're part of it.’
    • ‘‘What is called the peace dividend must be quickly visible,’ he said.’
    • ‘In Israel, as in other places, hope arose for a peace dividend.’
    • ‘These cuts will not provide a huge peace dividend immediately because it takes time to make the transition, as you know.’
    • ‘The potential peace dividend is tremendous in every conceivable way.’


peace dividend

/pēs ˈdivəˌdend/ /pis ˈdɪvəˌdɛnd/