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  • 1Free from disturbance; tranquil.

    ‘everything was so quiet and peaceful in the early morning’
    • ‘his peaceful mood vanished’
    • ‘The peaceful and tranquil room will be used by students in the school who are taking part in the programme.’
    • ‘The only way in was by boat, making the countryside all the more peaceful and tranquil.’
    • ‘I have finally found some peaceful, stress free time to actually do some worship.’
    • ‘This tranquil and peaceful haven is home to some of the largest and rarest trees and shrubs in England.’
    • ‘A peaceful, relaxing environment, free of interruptions and disturbances, is best.’
    • ‘It was calm, peaceful and relaxing.’
    • ‘A central patio with a lush garden and a small pond creates a peaceful mood in the midst of a busy city.’
    • ‘Sitting there and throwing out a line, you can enjoy a peaceful day without being disturbed.’
    • ‘There is great value in the splendid isolation of a quiet walk along a peaceful river.’
    • ‘It was not as peaceful and relaxing as we were led to believe it would be.’
    • ‘If someone asked you to visualise somewhere peaceful and relaxing, where would you take yourself?’
    • ‘The cave remains a peaceful and secluded place, surrounded by pine forest.’
    • ‘The couple have created a peaceful, restful place, with a wide range of colourful flowers.’
    • ‘It's so quiet and peaceful it is hard to believe there's a hectic Indian city on the other side of the walls.’
    • ‘It did help me sleep, and also left me feeling rather peaceful and pleasant as I drifted off.’
    • ‘We were lucky to secure a seafront apartment and our row of apartments had a peaceful and relaxing ambience.’
    • ‘Listening to a flowing creek may be just the thing for relaxing on a peaceful afternoon.’
    • ‘Melody was shocked to hear such a crashing sound in a place so quiet and peaceful.’
    tranquil, calm, restful, pleasant, quiet, still, relaxing, soothing, sleepy, silent, soundless, hushed, noiseless, undisturbed, untroubled, private, secluded, solitary, isolated, free from disturbance, free from interference, free from interruption
    serene, calm, tranquil, composed, placid, at peace, at rest, at ease, in repose, reposeful, undisturbed, untroubled, unworried, unruffled, anxiety-free, content, blissful, secure
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  • 2Not involving war or violence.

    ‘there were no violent incidents reported and it was a peaceful protest’
    • ‘they settle their disputes by peaceful means’
    • ‘We demonstrated against the broadcast and our demonstrations were peaceful.’
    • ‘The demonstration was peaceful and there was minimal disruption to traffic.’
    • ‘Everywhere, struggles over the land, whether peaceful or violent, shaped political attitudes.’
    • ‘We have to address our differences not through violent means but with dialogue and peaceful debate.’
    • ‘In short, it rules out anything that would disturb peaceful trade among individuals.’
    • ‘He has vowed to end the conflict by peaceful or military means.’
    • ‘There have been a number of examples of peaceful conflict resolution in places that have been hot spots for decades.’
    • ‘She still has powerful words of wisdom about the need to find peaceful means to resolve conflict.’
    • ‘The only stable government is one that allows for a peaceful and orderly transfer of power.’
    • ‘The voting process was peaceful, and people eventually accepted the results.’
    • ‘Unitarians believe there should be peaceful co-existence between nations as well as between people.’
    • ‘I think we'll actually see some peaceful resolution in a very short term.’
    • ‘Under such circumstances, a peaceful reunification of Europe would never have taken place.’
    • ‘He believes in peaceful coexistence between the people of his state and their neighbours.’
    • ‘Our government recognizes the public's right to engage in peaceful protests.’
    • ‘ Both sides want a peaceful resolution to the issue.’
    • ‘Six peaceful marches have taken place over the course of the last week.’
    • ‘He said he would put the people first through the creation of a prosperous and peaceful state.’
    • ‘The organization states that it pursues non-violent, peaceful, and democratic struggle in its quest for change.’
    • ‘We still are holding out hope for peaceful political settlement of the conflict.’
    harmonious, at peace, strife-free, peaceable, conflict-free, on good terms, amicable, friendly, cordial, non-violent, unwarlike
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    1. 2.1(of a person) inclined to avoid conflict; not aggressive.
      ‘she said her dad was a peaceful man who was always happy’
      • ‘All his life he was a quiet, gentle and peaceful man and he departed this life in the same manner.’
      • ‘Some of the footage was of a tribe called the South Fore, who were a peaceful and friendly people.’
      • ‘They're trying to destroy peaceful, loving people who just want to relax.’
      • ‘ She was a peaceful woman who lived a life of balance and harmony.’
      • ‘He's always been a peaceful person, wanting to see that others are taken care of.’
      • ‘She is a very peaceful person; she did not have any grudges or anger towards anybody.’
      • ‘Yoga helps you become a happy, contented and peaceful person.’
      • ‘She was very peaceful, a good listener and generally understanding.’
      • ‘He was extremely peaceful and very pleasant to be around.’
      • ‘He's one of the most peaceful individuals you can think of.’



/ˈpēsf(ə)l/ /ˈpisf(ə)l/