Definition of peacemonger in English:



often derogatory
  • A person who encourages or advocates peaceful conduct towards other nations or groups.

    ‘he never had the reputation of a peacemonger’
    • ‘He was never a peacemonger thereafter in public or in private.’
    • ‘An RAF veteran who introduced himself as 'not a peacemonger' talked about his sons in the Black Watch.’
    • ‘Every Labour leader says he is a 'peacemonger'.’
    • ‘We've going to have some hippie peacemongers coming aboard.’
    • ‘One could say they were sacrificed to the moral high ground so beloved by the peacemongers.’
    • ‘Chaplin replied publicly that he was not a communist but a peace-monger.’
    • ‘When reminded that modern wars are waged directly or indirectly by those with the most war machinery and propaganda, these peace-mongers hedge and say it is "defense" that is being affected.’
    peace-lover, conscientious objector, passive resister, peacemaker, peace-monger, appeaser, pacifier



/ˈpēsˌməNGɡər/ /ˈpisˌməŋɡər/