Definition of pearly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpərlē/ /ˈpərli/

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adjectivepearlier, pearliest

  • 1Resembling a pearl in luster or color.

    ‘the pearly light of a clear, still dawn’
    • ‘Hector shut his eyes, to see his inner world, a blaze of swirling pearly colours.’
    • ‘Chris's green eyes glittered, and a smile played across his pearly teeth as he ran his hands ran through his short black hair.’
    • ‘She has taken the last few days off, however, because she has just had her teeth bleached pearly white.’
    • ‘‘He wouldn't wake up - I had to kick him,’ said Sabriel bluntly, the moonlight illuminating her black hair with its pearly light.’
    • ‘I offered a charming smile of my own, showing pearly teeth.’
    • ‘Her teeth were pearly white and surrounded by full lips.’
    • ‘The hours ticked by as first a head and then the body and finally the feet of a healthy, powerful, baby boy emerged into a world of pearly dawn light.’
    • ‘Translucent lips pulled back from pearly teeth in a wicked grin.’
    • ‘Her smile, with all her little pearly teeth, was absolutely angelic.’
    • ‘He smiled and I could see his teeth were straight and pearly white.’
    • ‘She had light pearly skin with rosy cheeks - an angel in everyone's eyes.’
    • ‘One half of each was a light pearly green, and the other half was metallic green ringed with gold strips.’
    • ‘A smudge of pearly glitter was left on each cheek.’
    • ‘The pearly grey colour and rough texture forms an expressive contrast with the smooth white render.’
    • ‘The head and breast were pearly gray, and the rest of the bird was rusty brown.’
    • ‘His knuckles turned first a deep red before fading to pearly white.’
    • ‘Slick on your lip color, and then grab some pearly gloss.’
    • ‘In her rosy spring dress and pearly cream gloves, she looked the image of a genteel woman.’
    • ‘They're white, pearly, straight, and absolutely gorgeous.’
    • ‘She strode to her pearly white dresser and extracted several clothes.’
    multicoloured, many-hued, prismatic, rainbow-like, kaleidoscopic, iridescent, lustrous, shimmering, glittering, sparkling, scintillating, variegated, shot, moiré, opaline, milky, pearly, nacreous, pearlescent
    1. 1.1Containing or adorned with pearls or mother-of-pearl.
      • ‘In his own defence, he discloses that, though he is a Londoner to his pearly suit, he is nevertheless one-eighth Scottish on his mother's side, which doesn't even qualify him for a clan tartan.’
      greyish, silvery


    pearly whites
    • A person's teeth.

      • ‘Then, fully conscious, I could feel the dentist working away at my pearlies and finally pulling them out.’
      • ‘His teeth were rows of perfectly set pearly whites, and he had a dimple in his left cheek.’
      • ‘Ironically, excessive bleaching can turn pearly whites into an unnatural translucent blue.’
      • ‘To keep those pearly whites gleaming, you need to take proper care of your teeth and gums daily.’
      • ‘But don't think charging off to the private sector will preserve your pearly whites.’
      • ‘I looked at his perfect pearly whites and knew he was just saying that to make me feel better.’
      • ‘‘Oh, nothing,’ she winked and exposed her pearly whites.’
      • ‘‘Nothing,’ came her reply as she showed her pearly whites.’
      • ‘‘Of course,’ Cecilia flashed her pearly whites at the bodyguard.’
      • ‘She smiled wide, showing off her pearly whites.’