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  • 1A brown deposit resembling soil, formed by the partial decomposition of vegetable matter in the wet acidic conditions of bogs and fens, and often cut out and dried for use as fuel and in gardening.

    ‘cuttings are rooted in a homemade mixture of equal parts peat and sand’
    • ‘a peat bog’
    • ‘Potting soil contains rich organic material such as peat and various composted barks.’
    • ‘The route meanders up, over the rocks and then more peat bog.’
    • ‘Dig materials such as straw, peat, compost, and leaves into the soil, or lay them on as mulch.’
    • ‘At 350 hectares, Foulshaw Moss is one of the largest remaining areas of peat bog habitat in Britain.’
    • ‘The largest frozen peat bog in the world, lying in western Siberia, is melting, according to Russian scientists.’
    • ‘A lot of East Anglia was covered in peat bog, until they decided to drain it.’
    • ‘Two rivers flowed between us and our destination, a miniature hut lost in an expanse of peat bog.’
    • ‘There is no air in a peat bog and, therefore, undrained peat is made up of 90% water.’
    • ‘The plant material, which forms deposits of peat locally, is likely the source of the phosphate.’
    • ‘It may be desirable to amend the soil with sand or peat.’
    • ‘Potting mixes containing peat seem to be particularly affected by fungus gnats.’
    • ‘Other garden peat can contain chemicals that can harm discus fish so just be careful.’
    • ‘Place the seeds in a plastic bag with a mixture of sand and peat or other suitable growing mix.’
    • ‘An energy tax would penalise industries which use energy based on fossil fuel, including oil, coal and peat.’
    • ‘The climate was temperate but windy, the terrain a mixture of downland, rocky hills and peat bogs.’
    • ‘The directive does require farmers to supply pigs with rooting materials such as straw, hay, wood, sawdust, compost or peat.’
    • ‘It provides a good usable soil amendment for the garden and is certainly much less expensive than peat.’
    • ‘In marked contrast, needles of a variety of conifers are frequently abundant in peat and lake deposits.’
    • ‘The reason why it was so well preserved was that it was recovered from a peat bog.’
    • ‘It is believed to get its name from a long gone drainage channel which ran over a peat bog.’
    fertilizer, mulch
    1. 1.1usually peatsA cut piece of peat.
      • ‘he reached forward to add a couple of peats to the fire’



/pēt/ /pit/


Middle English from Anglo-Latin peta, perhaps of Celtic origin.