Definition of pectoral sandpiper in English:

pectoral sandpiper


  • A migratory sandpiper with dark streaks on the breast and a white belly, breeding chiefly in Arctic Canada.

    Calidris melanotos, family Scolopacidae

    ‘Other shorebirds noted in small numbers were black-bellied plover, American golden-plover, pectoral sandpiper, purple sandpiper, red phalarope, ruddy turnstone, and red knot.’
    • ‘They did not observe the pectoral sandpiper and buff-breasted sandpiper, the next most numerous species in the present study.’


pectoral sandpiper

/ˈpekt(ə)rəl ˈsan(d)ˌpīpər/ /ˈpɛkt(ə)rəl ˈsæn(d)ˌpaɪpər/