Definition of pedal steel in English:

pedal steel


(also pedal steel guitar)
  • A musical instrument played like the Hawaiian guitar, but set on a stand with pedals to adjust the tension of the strings.

    ‘Two of these ditties will put a kick in your step, while the others tend toward teary, beery ballads built on acoustic guitar, pedal steel and mandolin.’
    • ‘Banjos, pedal steel and harmonicas lock into a lazy-afternoon groove without an ounce of irony to hide behind.’
    • ‘His passion for sound and feeling was intoxicating, especially when he sat at his pedal steel guitar and set music free into the darkening summer sky.’
    • ‘A few minutes later they went back to their normal instruments and Randolph went to his pedal steel.’
    • ‘I learned to make my guitar sound like a lot of instruments: fiddle, pedal steel, whatever was necessary for the song.’


pedal steel

/ˈpedl ˌstēl/ /ˈpɛdl ˌstil/