Definition of pediatric in English:


(British paediatric)


  • Relating to the branch of medicine dealing with children and their diseases.

    ‘the hospital's pediatric ward’
    ‘pediatric oncology’
    • ‘There have been no such studies carried out with the paediatric population.’
    • ‘His enforced retirement from the scene would have a catastrophic effect on paediatric morale.’
    • ‘The minister said the first report would deal with post-mortem issues in paediatric hospitals.’
    • ‘Ground level contains maternity outpatient services, with paediatric outpatients above.’
    • ‘Once he rules out the problem in the throat, a paediatric gastroenterologist can be consulted to rule out a problem in the food pipe.’
    • ‘The paediatric pathologist deferred to the expertise of the ophthalmic consultants.’
    • ‘Being a paediatric specialist in the field, he preferred to base his own opinion on personal experience.’
    • ‘Paediatric dentistry is a much neglected area of medicine.’
    • ‘Paediatric practice is underpinned by a professional requirement to act in the child's best interests.’
    • ‘Their comments illustrate how difficult and controversial paediatric palliative care still is.’



/ˌpēdēˈatrik/ /ˌpidiˈætrɪk/