Definition of pedicle in English:



  • 1Anatomy Zoology
    A small stalklike structure connecting an organ or other part to the human or animal body.

    • ‘The prostatic pedicles are groupings of connective tissue found on either side of the vas deferens and seminal vesicle.’
    • ‘After the lung and tumor are removed, a vascular pedicle of pericardial fat is loosely sutured to the bronchial stump.’
    • ‘This is stabilised using titanium screws placed in the pedicle of the vertebrae, with a rod connecting the screws.’
    • ‘The animal burrows by arching its pedicle up to force the anterior portion of the valves down.’
    • ‘Certain basic aspects of the brachiopod morphology, such as the presence or absence of a pedicle, had a major control on the brachiopod life strategy.’
    1. 1.1Medicine Part of a graft, especially a skin graft, left temporarily attached to its original site.
      • ‘The TRAM flap remains attached to the superior pedicle, while the donor vessels are exposed.’
      • ‘Despite meticulous suturing, telescoping techniques, or covering the anastomosis with pedicles of vital tissues, dehiscence may still occur.’
      • ‘Suggested treatment for small, intact blisters is to remove the blister contents by needle aspiration or to lance the blister at its base but leave a pedicle of attachment.’
      • ‘The surgeon cauterizes vessels using the ultrasonic scalpel and transects the pedicles.’


Early 17th century from Latin pediculus ‘small foot’, diminutive of pes, ped-.