Definition of peduncle in English:



  • 1Botany
    The stalk bearing a flower or fruit, or the main stalk of an inflorescence.

    • ‘In angiosperms, trichomes may occur on leaves, petals, stems, petioles, peduncles and seed coats, depending on the species.’
    • ‘The reddish colour of the depistillated flower and its peduncle is a response to high light intensities during anthesis and should not be interpreted to indicate senescence.’
    • ‘Briefly, after harvesting, fruit peduncles were trimmed to uniform length with a scalpel, and each fruit was immediately placed in an autoclaved container with a nutrient solution.’
    • ‘The plant was separated into roots, leaves, fruits, peduncle, and stem.’
    • ‘Grape berries are borne on the end of a stalk, the pedicel, which in turn is borne on the bunchstem, or peduncle.’
    stem, shoot, trunk, stock, cane, bine, bent, haulm, straw, reed
    1. 1.1Zoology A stalklike part by which an organ is attached to an animal's body, or by which a barnacle or other sedentary animal is attached to a substrate.
      • ‘The twisting action allows the animal to use the flukes in conjunction with the peduncle as a rudder.’
      • ‘In addition to the tentacles, these extremities include the hypostome, the lower peduncle, which is committed to foot formation, and the foot.’
      • ‘The body of the fish is measured from the tip of the mouth to the caudal peduncle (end of the body wall muscle).’
      • ‘The caudal fin and caudal peduncle usually have a pale yellow hue.’
      • ‘The skin of the caudal peduncle is wrapped by dermal fibers at very steep fiber angles.’


Mid 18th century from modern Latin pedunculus, from Latin pes, ped- ‘foot’.