Definition of peignoir in English:



  • A woman's light dressing gown or negligee.

    ‘She put on her peignoir, and walked down the stairs.’
    • ‘The door was opened by an old woman with caked on make-up and a frilly peignoir.’
    • ‘She sat in her room, one hot afternoon, in her peignoir, listlessly drawing through her fingers the strands of her long, silky brown hair that hung about her shoulders.’
    • ‘A great many women have gone on record saying that they find him utterly adorable and wouldn't, as the saying goes, kick him out of bed, whether he turned up for the event wearing boxer shorts or a flowing beribboned peignoir.’
    • ‘She met me at the door to her Notting Hill house in nothing but a red silk peignoir.’
    housecoat, bathrobe, robe, negligee, kimono



/ˌpānˈwär/ /ˌpeɪnˈwɑr/


French, from peigner ‘to comb’ (the garment was originally worn while combing the hair).