Definition of pelecypod in English:



another term for bivalve
‘Fossils include foraminiferans, brachiopods, echinoids, pelecypods, cephalopods, shark teeth, fish vertebrae, as well as asteroids, gastropods, a pterosaur, a nodosaurid, and decapods.’
  • ‘Found along with the cephalopods are gastropods, pelecypods, echinoderms, and vertebrate bones.’
  • ‘The bulk of the collection is gastropods and pelecypods.’
  • ‘One of these is the bivalves (sometimes called pelecypods or lamellibranchs), an important group of bivalved molluscs familiar to all from the numerous shells that litter beaches.’
  • ‘Fish scales or whole fish, spirorbids, myalinid pelecypods, and conchostracans are intermixed with plant remains at all three sites.’



/pəˈlesəˌpäd/ /pəˈlɛsəˌpɑd/


Late 19th century from modern Latin Pelecypoda (alternative class name), from Greek pelekus ‘hatchet’ + -podos ‘footed’.