Definition of penalty spot in English:

penalty spot

Pronunciation /ˈpenəltē spät/ /ˈpɛnəlti spɑt/


  • The point within the penalty area from which penalty kicks are taken.

    • ‘So far England have scored two goals in three games, the first from a corner kick and the second from the penalty spot.’
    • ‘Without so much as a glance towards his assistant referee, the referee pointed to the penalty spot.’
    • ‘Internal disharmony and a fallibility from the penalty spot have proved to be their weaknesses.’
    • ‘The opening goal of the game came from the penalty spot with only two minutes remaining in the first half.’
    • ‘In a game of few scoring chances the visitors went ahead midway through the opening half from the penalty spot.’


penalty spot

/ˈpenəltē spät/ /ˈpɛnəlti spɑt/