Definition of penile in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpēnl/ /ˈpinl/ /ˈpēnīl/ /ˈpinaɪl/


technical attributive
  • Relating to or affecting the penis.

    ‘In boys, examination of the external genitalia may reveal penile and scrotal abnormalities.’
    • ‘It produces bizarre symptoms like bladder irritation, urethral or penile pain, perineal pain, lower abdominal pain and low-grade fevers.’
    • ‘He told us that he had made a dilator for himself from a piece of electric copper wire, which he inserted into his penile urethra until it went so far that the urine could pass with ease after a few attempts.’
    • ‘He had had normal genitalia and penile length before the operation.’
    • ‘Physical examinations may reveal some testicular or penile abnormality.’


Mid 19th century from modern Latin penilis, from penis ‘tail, penis’.